EasyOut screws are for patients needing fracture repair and surgeries involving the foot, ankle, hand and other small bone corrective procedures. If your patient needs to have a bone related surgery such as a bunion correction, osteotomy or fusion, etc., you now have better options. The SafetyFix EasyOut System is the first FDA cleared device designed with ease of removal in mind. We designed, thoroughly tested and perfected a bone screw that is better for both you and your patients. Physicians and Surgeons now have an option that just makes sense. Implant and remove it in 90 days with a very small incision. Keep your patients metal free.

The SaftyFix Message is Simple.
Why in the world would you keep a metal object in your body if you don’t have to?

At SaftyFix, we knew that if a screw were designed with ease of removal in mind, then people would not be at risk of the insidious problems of long term metal exposure.

The SaftyFix Screw System is the first and only fully removable bone fixation screw.

By removing the screw, the risk of short & long term complication and health problems from metal toxicity is greatly reduced because there is no metal or unnatural foreign material left inside your body.

The Healthiest Body is a Metal-Free Body.

SafetyFix Medical Technologies, Inc.

– Patient Acceptance
– Ease of Removal
– Ease of Use
– Piece of Mind
– FDA Cleared
– Patented
– Proven