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Innovative Solutions in Regenerative Medicine

IMS Surgical is a proud provider of quality, cutting-edge solutions in Regenerative Medicine. Where quality medical products combined with innovation collide to produce better outcomes in the field of Medicine. 

Innovative Medical Solutions

Quality Medical Products

Amniotic Wound Matrix

Supporting Better Outcomes in Wound Care. IMS Surgical provides the highest quality products, fast shipments, technical support, and reimbursement guidance.

Amniotic Injectable Fluid

Used by health care practitioners for decades, amniotic allografts have been utilized in treating conditions like chronic pain, sexual dysfunction, hair loss, as well as orthopedic conditions.


Exosomes have been shown to be key mediators of cell to cell communication, delivering a distinct cargo of lipids, proteins and nucleic acids that reflects their cell of origin.

Our Promise

Innovative Medical Solutions 


Reliable, safe products with the highest quality to help optimize body performance through continuous innovation.


Providing cutting-edge treatment methods for pain management, wound care and anti-aging


Quality products, better solutions, built on innovation focused on faster and better outcomes.

IMS Surgical Supply

“We’re committed to delivering quality, innovative regenerative medicine products.” 

– Dr. Michael Schubyn 

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Over 20+ years of experience in medical equipment and products sales.

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Competitive pricing, reimbursement options.

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Quality products, better solutions, built on innovation